Monday, 14 May 2012

Update on the salty bloke

Well here he is:

I'd envisioned an ever thickening anthropomorphic form as the salt crystallised around the wire and string figure, rather like if you dip something repeatedly into molten wax.. What I actually got was the salt crystalisting around the top of the figure's head, and then crystalisting on itself to form a sort of salt disc, borne aloft upon the shoulders of the man. The rest of the salt just crystalised against the sides of the jar.

driving lessons in Birkenhead?


John said...

Halo of salt kind of makes sense once you see it, the salt will collect around itself as soon as it can, some vague recollection of the ghosts of chemistry lesons past stirring here, the best way to achieve a salt man would be constant dipping and drying [like a candle] nice try though

Paul said...

Just trying stuff, and it's ok that it didn't turn out as planned.

Make wire figure. Wrap string around wire.

Dip repeatedly into molten wax until waxy bloke appears...