Friday, 11 May 2012

Living social

Last December, I featured in a Groupon style daily deal with a company called Living social.

Coming just before Chrismas, this turned out to be very popular. Over 30 people bought vouchers. Although I ended up doing quite a lot of work on the cheap, it's definately helped to grow my business. Part of the spin off is that with a lot more satisfied customers, I've been getting a lot of new pupils through recommendations.

I've just been running another one now, and it's been moderately successful for me. Last time around the offer was  3 hours for £19. This time it's been either that or 5 hours for £30. I've currently sold 15 vouchers, which translate as about 75 hours work for me to do in exchange for about £250

Before overheads that comes to about £3.33 per hour. I've also ended up giving the same deal outside of Living social to people who called us on the phone. Same deal, but  without LS taking a cut.

So a lot of work for little return in the short term, but this has to be put against other forms of generating business. I could give £100 to Google and get absolutely nothing from it. Or I could give £130 a week to a franchise that takes as much as it can and gives as little in return as possible, just like any other boss.

It's also driven quite a lot of traffic to my website.

I have tomorrow off. I suppose I should treasure it.

driving lessons in Wallasey?


The promotion has just finished. I've sold 22 vouchers officially, plus another 2 on the side thanks to Bren, who spoke to a couple of people on the phone after they enquired about the offer. This is good because I will get the full £6/hour for my time instead of Living social taking a cut.

I do feel that the 5 hour offer is a little bit too much, and I will do things differently next time.

Still, busy times ahead. I hope I can make a few bob from it.

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