Tuesday, 17 April 2012


This used to really upset me. The counting song segment always ended with a baker who would proudly announce what he had on his tray, before somehow spilling the lot and falling down the stairs. It was supposed to be slapstick funny, but I empathised with the poor guy. Eight lovely raspberry tart things all ruined. All his hard work had been for nothing, to say nothing of any injuries he sustained.

Anyway, this coming Wednesday is my 8th wedding anniversary. What's that? More expensive than paper but nowhere near as posh as silver.

Ham or petrol I reckon.

Each year on our anniversary, we go up Helsby Hill in Cheshire, and carve our initials and the date into the sandstone. We also recarve the previous entries, which become somewhat worn in the intervening year. This is becoming slowly more time consuming. So far we've been lucky with the weather. On some years it's been a bit chilly, but we've never yet had to do it in anything wetter than a bit of light drizzle.

Generally, after doing the inscripting, we go off and do something interesting involving a pub lunch and a drive through some nice scenery. This year, I want to go to Emley Moor, the site of Britain's tallest building, a communications tower. It's not open to the public, but I can stand at the bottom and look up at it's magnificence.

driving lessons in Wallasey?

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