Tuesday, 3 April 2012

April Fool

Last night I got drunk.

I started with a 330ml can of Jack Daniels and cola. 6% abv, 2 units of alcohol.
Next up was a 500 ml bottle of tanglefoot. 5%abv. 2.5 units.
Then I popped the top on a 450ml bottle of Grolsch. 5%abv. 2.3 units.
This was followed by a big (750ml) bottle of Innis and Gunn original beer. 6.6%abv. 5 units. It's matured in casks that have previously been used to store whisky, and that gives a unique flavour.
Finally, a 500ml bottle of Moonraker. 6.5%abv and 3.25 units.

I woke up in my chair without having done or said anything I'd regret, either online or in real life. Kept poor Bren awake with breath like mustard gas and roses and awoke without too much of a hangover when my alarm went off.

There's about 200ml of the moonraker left but I won't be drinking it.

And that's it now until May.

driving lessons in Wirral?


Pete said...

I'm sure there is some reason why you deliberately set about to do this on a regular basis. Enjoyment, probably, a fleeting alcohol high. However, it does appear from the outside to be a form of self-torture. Just the view from the outside through the frosted glass of the internet.

Paul said...

Ice cream for every meal is no treat.

Pete said...

May I recommend McEwans Champion Ale - 7.3%ABV