Friday, 9 March 2012

How the Mitty have fallen

Fun and games on a discussion board.

On a site I frequent, there is a person who claims to be a bigshot. Or at least a former bigshot. He uses a pseudonym, and regales the discussion boards of this particular site with tales of his rock and roll lifestyle.

Many people have tried to guess his real identity. Some people think he's Ted Nugent. Others think he may be David Cassidy. Perhaps he really is an ageing right wing former rock star who now spends his time living in the desert, shooting his guns, riding his motorbike and reliving past glories, like a sort of Republican Hunter S Thompson.Or maybe it's all a load of bollocks, and he lives in a trailer with two cats and a budgerigar. Who knows?

Whatever he is, he feels the need to go post endlessly about Bikes, Wild Parties, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. He used to rub me up the wrong way, until I realised that far from being a braggart, he's probably deeply insecure, and finding that his star has faded difficult to deal with. But it can get a bit wearing.

Then today, someone posted about a Covers band selling out, and he went in all guns blazing. Just becasue they were a covers band didn't mean they were sell-outs! The musicians work damn hard. Why, when he was in a band, they'd do the occasional cover too! He went on to attempt to assassinate the character of the poster. The poster's well known religious beliefs had addles his brain The poster was forever making snide attacks. And to cap it all, the poster had almost certainly never been in a band.

Then he recollected himself, and told the poster that he was cool about it really. The poster was still loved.

As well as being insecure, add passive-aggressive, and sometimes downright obnoxious and bullying.

Later the guy that made the initial post about the covers band selling out responded by pointing out that all the tickets to the covers band's gig had gone, and tickets for other venues were also going fast. Pretty soon they'd be sold out. He finished by saying that yes he was in a band. Came from a musical family, but just didn't feel the need to boast about it endlessly.


I wonder if Mr Bigshot will be big enough to apologise?


He was! He apologised...

For misinterpreting the phrase, "sell out"

I must admit,  I'm finding it hilarious. I suppose it's a bit tasteless to take pleasure in the misfortune of others, but I think it's entirely natural too, like the current glee over the self inflicted plight of Rush Limbaugh, or the bit in Pan's Labyrinth where the resistance woman manages to stab the sadistic fascist commandant.

There has been no raconteuring since.For two whole days.

driving lessons in Wallasey?

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