Sunday, 12 February 2012

On Whitney Houston...

Before I became the fine upstanding member of society you see before you now, I used to work in a shop.

It was just agency work, for a couple of months, in a factory outlet store in a retail park called Cheshire Oaks. I would fold clothes, match up shoes, help customers with any enquiries they had.

Like most modern stores, the shop had a PA system, and music would be played over it. A silent shop is an uncomfortable place for customers after all.

Every morning, the shop manager would put Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits on the PA, and there it would stay. All day, on repeat play.

It was never my kind of music in the first place, but after a few weeks of this, I was climbing the walls.

Anyway, RIP Whitney. However much you did my head in, it was only for a couple of months, and 48 is way too young.

driving lessons in Wallasey?


Jim Bliss said...

Her music wouldn't be my preference either. However, I generally go and see David Byrne whenever he tours and on the tour before last, he encored with Psycho Killer and a completely straight, non-ironic cover of Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody. And I have to admit it was a thoroughly joyous and wonderfully bouncy contrast to the dark and brooding Psycho Killer that preceded it.

I still don't own any of Whitney Houston's records and doubt I ever will. But I'll remember her fondly for the surprising slice of exuberance she provided, via Mr. Byrne, that night.

Jim Bliss said...

And here he is performing it live at Union Chapel...

Paul said...

Nice one Jim. I never thought I'd be tapping my foot to a Whitney Houston song!

News of her death brought up some surprising, and generally positive things over at Head Heritage.

Firstly, her first recoding was a Soft Machine Cover

Secondly, news of her death was greeted by a torrent of racist fuckwittage on Fox News' website.

Pete said...

I state this with complete integrity. Never watch "Fox News". Never.