Monday, 9 January 2012

Slip slidin' away

While keeping the same basic format of HOME | PRICES  | CONTACT | LINKS, I have plans to make the "HOME" bit a bit more razzle-dazzle.

What I have in mind is to create a series of images, each of which is made up of text and an image. The text would be in a light colour, the image would be colourful. The background would be #000000. The image would occupy almost all of the area beneath the link bar and logo.

Then, probably after reading this tutorial about a hundred times, I will copy and paste the code and modify it's contents to point to the images I've created.

The result being a slideshow of images, each of which can be clicked to take the viewer to a page on the site that gives more information. Not tonight, mind, but in the next few weeks hopefully.

driving lessons in Wallasey?

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