Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day of rest

Tomorrow, Friday, is the first day off I've had since January 2nd. Even when I've not actually been teaching, I've been doing quite a lot of driving, to pick stuff up for the shop.

So hooray! Tomorrow, I can do what I like.

In practice, I will wake up early because my body clock is so used to getting up early. I will get up, because I just can't lie in bed once my eyes have opened.

My desktop computer has once again developed a seemingly terminal problem with it's hard drive, so presumably, some of my time will be spent shoving a different one back in (I have loads of semi-knackered hard drives to choose from) and  reinstalling the operating system and all the multifarious gubbins that make the graphics card and sound card and wireless internet bits function properly. Again.

Tonight, a part of me thinks I'm thirsty and tired. Another part of me is thinking just how nice an ice cold tequila flavoured lager would be right now, and that having done all that work, I sort of deserve it.

driving lessons in Wallasey?

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