Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Yay! SMS a go-go!

I spent hours trying to get gmail to forward driving school enquiries to my phone without success, but eventually, by using a proxy service, I got it sorted out. Enquiries from my contact form cause my phone to alert me about a minute after they've been sent.

Good times (inserts a big smilie)

driving lessons in Wallasey?


Jim Bliss said...

Might be worth setting up some kind of spam CAPTCHA code on your contact form if it's going to cost you money every time it's used... if a spam bot hits upon the form it could run through your credit pretty quickly.

Paul said...

And the incessant beeping would do my bloody head in... I shall enquire :)

Paul said...

Actually, I got my first nuisance text this evening. A human being from the backgammon site I play at sent an enquiry containing nothing of substance. I've removed my website from my profile page there. I hope it was just an idle prank and not something more malicious.