Friday, 9 September 2011

Next next bit...

Another day, another phone call from someone wanting to sell me their services. From a mobile phone this time, and it didn't help that the line was bad, but some bloke was shouting aggressively into my lughole about how his company could optimise my website for use with mobile phones. He was very insistent, and when I told him I wasn't planning to spend any money this year, he told me that he was offering this for free.

I asked him what his company got from it, and he explained that they make their money in the second year.

It dawned on me that the optimisation is therefore temporary. They remove it after twelve months. At that point I told him I'd do it myself.

He was incredulous. Do it myself? But it's difficult and complicated and his company is the biggest and best mobile optimisation company in the whole damn world.

Bye then.

But there you go. He's identified a potential source of business that I might not be exploiting as well as I could.

So that's my next task - to find out about mobile internet, then to work out what changes if any I need to make to make my website more mobile friendly.

First of all, what does my site look like on a moby?

Well here's a handy emulator that will show me...

It's not actually too bad. Initially the text is compressed into a block of tiny writing on the left of the screen, but when I click on it, it's all perfectly legible.

Will keep looking into this. Right now, I have a kite to fly.

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