Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New boots and panties.

Same body, different clothes. The font is the same, but the white on black is slightly less visually intrusive than the black on white, so I didn't need to make it smaller or finer.

I've stripped things down too. Some of my good ideas seemed like gimmicks in retrospect. So simpler, cleaner, neater. Nicer buttons to press, with rollover effects. Fewer distractions, which gives greater prominence to the stuff that is there. Important stuff like contact details and price list.

I've been reading about how to climb the rankings, and asking around, and it seems like
 what I mainly need to do is give things time to happen. Weeks and months rather than days, and the site has only been up for maybe 2 months? And as Mr Bliss pointed out to me in an earlier post, the likes of google have standards they like to be adhered to. Therefore I will be blatently putting a line of linky texty stuff at the bottom of this post, and other posts too rather than sneakily trying to do background colour text.

Ad free site? Hmmm...

Incidentally, guess how much I've made from the adverts on the failyourtest site?

That's right. Nothing whatsoever.

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