Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lost and found

There once was a song on my ipod. I loved it to bits. Then I changed my computer, and in transferring my songs over, somehow the names all got scrambled into 4 letter codes like XXFT and WOYL and QIOR and HIOG and GFIO and UYOI and DFIO and IGOU and YOTX. You get the picture.

All I could remember was the chord structure and snatches of lyrics. Because it was a download, I had no original to refer to. No packaging or anything.

But finally tonight, a google search for a lyric fragment yielded "Gary Higgins" and from there it was a simple matter to find the song.

It's called "I pluck notes from the sky" and it's from a 1973 album called "Red Hash".

Apparently he got busted just as the album was released, which didn't help it's promotion.

The sound quality isn't brilliant. I'm sure the vocals were clearer last time I heard it.

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