Friday, 19 August 2011

First hitch...

Today I got up at about 10.30.

Had a fairly busy day with work, and filled the gaps generally with something useful and productive, like getting stuff from the allottment, and radishes from the metal tank full of soil in the back garden. Like going for a bike ride.

I even rode my bike to the chippy instead of doing my usual trick of jumping in the car.

Bren didn't get in until much later than either of us expected, so after she'd eat her fried rice, we went to bed. About 10.30pm, and of course, having only been awake for 12 hours, I can't sleep.

So I got up, and turned on the PC, and blogged about it.

This is the room with the computer in it. I've hardly been in it for the last couple of days, but as you've read, I used to spend most of my time in here. My old chair was much bigger. The blinds would be closed during the day, because it made it easier to see the screen. Oh yeah, and even when I've had more space at my disposal, such as when I had flats in Birkenhead and Moreton, I'd tend to only really physically occupy a tiny part of them. To give you a sense of scale, if I were to stand in the middle of the picture, I could almost touch the walls on the left and the right at the same time. If my arms were a few inches longer, I could do it. That makes it about 6 foot wide. It's slightly longer. 8 foot? maybe 9?

A week ago, I'd have got into the car now, and driven to Tescos for some booze. Strangely, I just don't feel the urge at all.

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Brenda said...

I have just caught up with your blog. I am almost in tears. I am so very proud of you, your determination to win against the world without and the one within.

Dear readers, I can assure you I noticed a difference in Paul's behaviour as soon as I got home. But it wasn't untill it lasted beyond my initial homecoming I actually asked him if he had been going to 'becoming the perfect husband classes'!

Paul I love you so very much however you behave, but I do like this 'you' so very very much