Monday, 18 July 2011

Upsand Downs

Upsand downs are a series of undulations between Upper Mania and Lower Depression.

You won't find them on google earth, but they are on google myhead.

I'm exaggerating slightly. I'm not bipolar. But I have suffered from depression for most of my life.

Depression is a lens through which you see the world. It takes your energy and the joy of living, and it makes them invisible, unobtainable. They're still in there within you somewhere, but you can't get at them.

If you've never had it, then it's difficult to understand. Why can't you just pull yourself together? Get a grip?

That's a bit like saying to a guy with a dead leg, "just kick the damn ball!"

Got more to say about this, but not right now. I have to work.

Today is a good day I think. I got a phone call inviting me to an assessment for the bus driver job on thursday.

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