Thursday, 14 July 2011

Marxist Magic!

Back in the day, I was a "supporter" (they didn't have members for technical reasons) of the Militant Tendancy. Unfortunately, Trotskyist entryist groups never stood a chance against the headlong rush to capture the "centre" ground, but for a while, they became a real pole of attraction for anyone wanting to fight the good fight.

Apart from the campaigns and the MPs and what have you, we also had some fun along the way.

One memorable bit was at a rally in London (I can't remember if it was at Alexandra Palace or the Royal Albert Hall). Amidst the stirring speeches and calls for donations was a magic act. A guy called Ian Saville.

The funniest bits of his act were a socialist rope trick, and Karl Marx ventriloquism act. You can sort of see them in the videos below, although it's all broken up into bits.

Class system rope trick!

Karl Marx sings!

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