Thursday, 28 July 2011


Can anyone tell me what's unusual about this? It's junction 6 of the M53 motorway, by the way.

Here's the link to a google earth pushpin...


John said...

any clues you can give us, it's shaped like a 6 and it's junction 6? It doesn't seem to go anywhere in particular, it's the only junction with a bus stop? Has it by any chance been demolished and googlemap is out of date?

Paul said...

It's exactly as it looks. I shall amend the post to include a kmz link so that you can zoom in and out in google earth.

I suppose the answer would only be obvious to and of interest to someone with a real interest in roads. :)

Paul said...

The bus stop symbols are wrong, by the way. Pedestrians would not be allowed to get on or off on a motorway.

John said...

I give up, it's either an old indian burial ground a la pet semetary , built on a rocket silo and opens up to reveal the massed warheads of the western liberation army or the road is made of revolutionary toffee and boiled rubber composite.
Or more likely something else

Paul said...

Aye. OK.

It's all motorway. To the left, traffic comes off the northbound M53 and is told by road markings to move to the left. It then crosses the bridge with the fake bus stop signs.

Meanwhile, traffic coming the other way across the bridge goes around the same curve to join the M53 northbound.

The curve to the left of the pic is dual carriageway, but the bridge bit is not.

It's a single carriage motorway.

Such things are like rocking horse poo, believe me :)

John said...

dammit,must have google earthed past that sign half a dozen times, never thought that's at the top of the hill, not the bottom, problem solved.
Shit, now I have to worry about the world economic situation and peak oil.