Sunday, 31 July 2011

A free lunch

No such thing of course. But tonight's tea came quite close.

We had new potatoes. They grew themselves in the compost heap. We didn't even have to plant them. Just raked them out and took them home. (expended a bit of energy raking them out, drove 2 miles there and back, which used about 25p's worth of fuel.)

Also green beans. (grown from seed that we bought - same car journey sufficed for both beans and potatoes)

I had quorn burgers. Bren had quorn sausages. These both came from a shop. They went under the same grill together for a while. The beans and spuds were also cooked, which used energy. I could have done them in the same pan I supppose, but it never occurred to me to do so.

The spuds were treated to a knob of butter (also from the shops, we don't have a cow) and some chopped mint from the back garden. (had to walk into back garden and back, also had to chop mint but the mint was as close to free as you can get)

The result? A really really tasty meal, using locally sourced organic veg, for a tiny price.


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