Sunday, 24 July 2011


Almost a jargon. The press/the public tend to shorten the names of sports personalities to two syllables, but the way they do it varies according to class.

So working class sports, such as Football and Darts tend to use the first syllable of the surname, and post a single vowel on to it. Hence the following imaginary commentary...

Gazza (Paul Gascoigne)... Takes it down the left. Beats one man, then another. Passes it to Aldo (John Aldridge) who lays it off quickly to Tezza (John Terry) who shoots at goal. But it's a fine save by Nico (Eric Nixon)

Middle class sports also use two syllables, and also tend to use the first syllable of the surname, but instead of using a single vowel, they tend to use "ers"

So: Thank you Aggers (Jonathan Agnew) Now we welcome to the Test Match Special commentary box, Michael Atherton. What do you make of it so far, Athers? "Well, Tuffers/Blowers, I think that...


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