Friday, 8 July 2011

A bit of family history

My dad comes from a big family. He had 7 brothers and 5 sisters. Most of them are still alive. My uncle Ronnie died a couple of years back. He was a magistrate in Colchester. Chairman of the bench. My uncle Brian was killed in a car crash on a fishing trip in Wales.

He was killed instantly (and my uncle Derek, who was a passenger in the car was seriously injured) by a policeman driving home from work in his sierra cosworth. The policeman, who was himself seriously injured) was driving at stupid speeds, and taking a racing line through the bends, when he hit my uncle. He'd left work at around 6 oclock in the morning, and the accident occurred some 13 minutes later, almost 15 miles from the police station.

The police closed ranks, attempted to obfusticate, and to force a mis-trial. And they would have done it too, if it hadn't been for my uncle Ronnie, who informed the clark of the court in no uncertain terms who and what he was, and that he was not going to allow the trial to be derailed by corrupt police.

The officer was found guilty, and banned from driving. He also lost his job.

So when I hear stuff like how the met attempted to cover up the Ian Tomlinson death, or that they took bribes from journalists, I'm not really too surprised.

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