Thursday, 30 June 2011

A "proper" website then...

Last night's post was something of a low point. Bren was really upset. The harsh realities of our situation hit her and through her, me. Unless we manage to get this off the ground, we could end up having to sell our house, which is in need of considerable work, as we've had no money to spend on it for so long. So we'd get sod all for it. Would not have enough to buy another house, even if we downsized, and would end up renting. Meanwhile since we'd have the money in the bank from the sale of the house, we wouldn't get housing benefit and the money would disappear as rent in about 4 years, leaving us with nothing.

So there is a need for urgency. I've got some proper hosting. less than £30 for 2 years is a good deal, yet I'm worried about spending such a sum. It's a drop in the ocean of course, but I can do stuff properly, and that may ultimately save me money if my site gets hits without spending money on advertising.

Funny what misconceptions you can have.

Last time I did this, I had all sorts of problems because I thought the root directory was the one at the top, rather than an obscure one right at the bottom of some chain of folders. The clue is in the name of course, but I saw "root" as "Where it all stems from" rather than "The thing at the bottom"

I've sorted my ftp software out. I paid for a license for that 4 years ago, and it still applies, so I was able to just reinstall it from the website. Ipswitch WS_FTP. I've found it to be comprehensible, although I will have to relearn how to do all this to some extent.

It's going to be another late night!

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