Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Meta tags and meta titles...

Having got the basic site up, and while awaiting the DNS thing, I decided to add metadata to the head of the site(s)

Unfortunately, blogger vets the code as I send it, and strips all that stuff out.

The best laid plans of mice and men go aft astray :(

So what to do?
  1. Carry on regardless. Since I intend to pay for advertising to get my site seen, it might not matter too much, easpecially given that meta tags don't necessarily help that much anyway.
  2. Carry on regardless but put the keywords in some other way, like way down at the bottom after a whole load of empty lines
  3. See if wordpress does it any better.
  4. Get some proper webspace instead of trying to do something to which a blog is not well suited.
  5. Embrace the blogginess! If all I need is a place to sell my services, why shouldn't a blog work as well as a more conventional site? I would still have issues with promotion of the site though.
If I do choose to put it somewhere else, a lot of the work has already been done. Just a matter of grabbing the code and putting it somewhere else. I have some FTP software on a disk somewhere from last time I had my own school, so I wouldn't have to shell out for that this time around.


    Jim Bliss said...

    You need to be very careful about putting lists of keywords into the body of a page. Quite a lot of search engines will black-list your site for that (it's considered search-engine spam) and you'll end up not showing up in their index.

    Anonymous said...

    Meta tags are necessary. It's just that the keywords one doesn't get used by some major search engines

    The issue with your tags and Blogger is that you've set up a blog and it optimises your meta tags, urls etc for search engines, but AS a blog

    Paul said...

    If that's you Jim, your first post also came through to my email, even though it's not showing up here.

    Scratch option 2 then.