Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Guest post

A first for this blog! "Pete", who now lives in Thailand, where he teaches English to earn a crust, posted the following...

I can't stop pointlessly surfing the net. I'm wasting hours of my not-so-valuable time.

I went to work yesterday at 'place A'. It is 60 km away. (37 miles in old money). On the way back I decided to call in at my friend's house, 'place B'. It is virtually on the route.

Let's call my apartment, 'place Z'.

I have visited A once before and checked the route beforehand as arriving at work is pretty important so Z to A is not a problem.

I have visited B loads of times so Z to B is straightforward for me.

However I had never beforehand driven from A to B.

I went the wrong way, suspected I had gone the wrong way, persevered and ended up adding 50 km to my journey.

Making foolish mistakes like this frustrates me. The whole thing hinged upon the fact that a rural sort of 'B road' [no relation to 'place B'] has a bridge going over a main road. I had forgotten about the bridge.

I was on the main road and reasoned the junction to the rural road to his house had to be on the south side of the main road as B definitely is. I turned south and never found the junction as it on the north of the main road.

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Pete said...

It was indeed the 3240 road crossing over the main highway 36. A Google Earth expert (is there one in the house?) could post a link. However I like your Spaghetti-ish junction better.