Sunday, 3 April 2011

The worst musical genre

Right. I know that in most cases this is a meaningless assertion. That one man's meat is another man's poison.

But I reckon there is a case to be made that the worst musical genre in the whole damn world is....

Football songs.

Now by that I don't mean the terrace chants. They're intentionally simple because they have to be sung in unison by thosands of people, many of whom are drunk. And although I suppose most of them are pretty generic, there are some damn fine songs out there too. Songs that embody a century of working class culture and identity and tradition.

No, what I mean is the songs put out by the teams themselves as a major competition approaches. To a marshal beat, and oozing a sort of jingoistic bonhomie, these songs are usually sung by the team themselves, in a major key, and sometimes featuring someone famous. But you could put the worlds most awesome supergroup behind the team and the result would still be utter shit.

Now feel free to contradict me on this. I do welcome any suggestions for worse genres of music, or even that this genre has artistic merit at some level that I'm unable to comprehend, but before you do so, click on some of the videos I've pasted below.

I rest my case.

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