Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Birkenhead Boot Boys Bash the Boys in Blue to oBlivion, in B minor

A while a go, I posted a link to a video that made the point that British law stems from mercantile law, and that it's there to represent the interests of the powerful.

All pretty standard left wing stuff, but the speaker in the video, having given all this information, went on to use the information in a way that I found somewhat strange. He went from what seemed to be a Marxist position to a Libertarian position.

As far as I understand it, Anarchists do not believe there should be no laws. Certainly none of the anarchists I know are singing the praises of life in Somalia right now. They believe that most laws are there to control and oppress ordinary people certainly, and would like to see The State take a more benevolant role, and act on behalf of everybody, instead of an elite, but they don't propose that we need to replace it with utter chaos and lawlessness. The abolition of the state is really a far right libertarian view. Certainly, the belief that you shouldn't have to pay tax is pretty antisocial. So as you can imagine, the group that made this video are attracting some pretty unsavoury followers.

The Video was done by a group with the acronym, TPUC. This stands for "The People's United Community" and it was filmed during a conference by a different group called The British Constitution Group.

The British Constitution group organised a protest just down the road from me and attempted to arrest a judge. the person being tried was something to do with UKIP, and this was a bancruptcy hearing.

A blog called Truth, Reason & Liberty has something to say about it.

And the title of this post? Well it's a variation on a song lyric:

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