Sunday, 2 January 2011

Drawing fire?

Well there I was, doodling away merrily, and it turned into something mechanical looking. I had some kind of belt driven contraption in mind, but it's just what it is... A doodle that developed from a blank canvas.

The trouble started when I saved my doodle. At a loss for what to call it, I called it "I found this in my garage. Anyone know what it is?"

I don't even have a garage. I certainly haven't found one of these things.

But then a question from another doodler attached itself to my picture.

"How big is it?"

My response was flippant.

"It depends how close you are" I said, with a nod towards Father Ted famously trying to explain to a perplexed Dougal that the cows were tiny because they were far away.

I thought that would be that. My obtuse response to a request for more information would tip people off that I wasn't seriously looking for an answer to my question.

When you log in to doodlebug, you go to a sort of start page, and that page contains a doodle. Usually a high quality, pleasing to the eye doodle. It stays for a day or two and then is replaced by another. None of my doodles have ever been selected for this honour.

Until now.

Site admin, obviously disappointed that my question had so far gone unanswered, have made my drawing the one that everyone sees when they log in. So far, it's been viewed almost 1,000 times. And I'm dreading the moment where someone asks me to post a photograph.

If it does develop into a full blown lets help the guy out sesh, I will have to fess up and say "hang on, that's just what I called it"

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