Sunday, 2 January 2011

And again!

Some time ago, I attempted to use a limited amout of information to precisely locate where a photograph had been taken from.

At the time, what I could do with Google Earth was a bit limited because of the quality of the imagery, but now this part of the world has proper aerial photography, and not just crappy satellite pics.

The person that took the photograph actually told me pretty precisely where it was taken after he read my post,but could I have got close without him volunteering the information?

Most of the logic was correct last time. In particular, I identified the direction from which the photgraph was taken, and that's important because it helps me to find the road sign.

In fact there are two roadsigns visible on google earth that could be the one shown on the picture. I think the image uses some telephoto, and so what you see is foreshortened. This makes it more difficult to relate the sign to other features such as the trees and hedges.

Especially now that the image is clearer, I'm reluctant to say too much.

Let's just say, if I've got this right, the photograph was taken from a first floor window, and the window was facing the rainbow.

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