Thursday, 16 December 2010

"well stop bloody clapping then"...

Nah. This isn't about Bono. It's just what came to mind.

There's a guy on a discussion board that I frequent. A few months ago, he posted to say his father in law was very ill. The response, predictably, was prayers and sympathy.

A few days later, Father in Law died, despite the vibes. The news generated more prayers, and condolences.

A couple of weeks went by. Life went on. And then the same guy posted again. This time it was his Mum. She'd had a stroke, and was gravely ill. As you'd expect, people were sorry to hear this, especially coming so close on the heels of his previous bereavement. They sent their prayers and best wishes, but a couple of days later, it was his sad duty to report that him Mum had passed away.

Once again, the group responded with posts of prayers and sympathy.

Now, his Wife's brother has shuffled off the mortal coil. And his sister is in a coma. And... Well, you guessed it.

Forgive me for these unkind thoughts, but really, given the track record of prayers and sympathy, wouldn't people be better to not send their prayers?

I mean, it's like, you have a superstition. Every time you run onto the pitch, you wear your special socks, and you make sure you're the second to last one out of the tunnel. And you lose 5-0. Week after week. How often are you going to stick with this routine before you throw the socks in the bin?

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