Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Something going on behind the scenes?

A certain web forum that I spend time looking at has been allowing a particularly obnoxious individual to make the experience of visiting said web forum a particularly challenging experience.

That particular person either jumped or was pushed a week or so ago. But it took weeks of shit before this happened. Fair enough. I like the fact that this particular site is laissez-faire about what people choose to say, although if someone is genuinely disruptive, and doesn't respond to polite requests to change, I think at some point, the bouncers have to step in and throw the guy out on the street.

But there's another particular person, who posts abstract poetry. Has done so for years. The greatest transgression of forum rules this poet commits is to post these poems in inappropriate parts of the suite of forums. In this case, as soon as site admin become aware of the poet's latest identity, he is banned, and his posts are removed.

So I find myself intrigued at what has gone on in the past to cause poet person to become persona non grata for years upon end.

One suggestion I've heard is that the poet is actually a music journalist. Perhaps he's done a particularly negative and vitriolic review of the site owner?

By the way, this post takes me to 154 posts for the year, exactly equalling my total number of posts for the years 2008 and 2009 combined. Way too much time on my hands, obviously.

It's also 5 days since I had a cigarette. I haven't had one of those nauseating chewing gum things today either. Now the real battle starts. Since I've not had a cigarette for that long, I know that if I do have one I will get a wonderful 10 second buzz from one if I do smoke it. Doesn't seem worth it, intellectually speaking does it, but we're not really rational creatures, or not solely so anyway.


Ah, fuck. He jumped, and he had a bunjee.

Seriously, I've seen so many discussion boards utterly ruined by mentally ill people. What can you do?

Further edit:

Life's a riot, I tell thee!

Chances are, if you're reading this blog, you also spend time on the discussion board I'm talking about. Maybe you even watched events unfold?

Just in case you missed it, Captain Caveman once again went into the breach with all guns blazing. And got hit by a withering broadside. And then, to really rub his nose into it, the site admin isolated the withering broadside in question, gave it a thread of it's own, and locked the thread so that Cavey couldn't carry it on.

Class! I don't know if they banned Cap'n C, but I doubt if he'll be back.


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