Sunday, 5 December 2010

Slow Progress

"5 or 10 minutes from now I shall hopefully post to this blog from  my linux based desktop!"

This unfortunately turned out not to be true.

I now have a linux operating system, but it's extremely unstable. So generaly I have time to connect to the internet or open the folder I need in order to change something before the system buggers up. Here's a shit photo to prove that it is here.

It's sitting there now, laughing at me. Daring me to press a key or move my mouse. I did neither and it rebooted itself anyway.

So, I'm out of ideas for now. I can't be arsed banging my head agianst it, so I've reinstalled XP, and I will have another go some other time. I got enough of a look to get some idea of what it's like. It's a GUI based operating system. It reminds me a bit of the desktop environement when I had an imac, but only a bit. The need for a password every time I accessed the internet was annoying, but I can see it also has it's advantages. I do know that I'd be able to get used to it very quickly. It holds no fears for me.

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