Monday, 22 November 2010

Rubbish blogs!

Walk into any bookshop, and you'll find amazing, beautiful, thought provoking, poetic writing. You'll also find horrible derivative throwaway tat.
Not saying your average Mills and Boon has no merit, or place. Not everyone wants to have to work hard when they're reading.

So I suppose it's also true of the blogosphere. Some people will put a huge amount of work and research into what they post. Others will have a different rationĂ¡le.

So here's my own contribution! - A totally unoriginal idea that has been done a hundred times before. Rubbish or what?

Just google "crap blogs" or similar, (I typed crap logs by mistake and got something different) and you'll find millions of results.

This blogger isn't just doing a post about them. S/he is doing an entire blog about them. And has 37 followers, which is 37 times as many as me. Clearly hit the blog big time.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that I should quickly encounter the same thing Sherlock distains. Third entry down is about Freebie-Whore blogs, which is exactly what prompted me to do this post in the first place.
There is increasingly a number of blogs dedicated to promoting dreadful products by so-called 'Housewives' or 'Home-makers'. In exchange for a free sample, these freebie-whores inform their sycophantic audience how wonderful this product is.
 And here's one of them!

Law Schools, Healthy pillows and digital photo frames are all eulogised. Thrill to the wonder that is an extended warrantee on a minivan! Bask in the golden glow of having been told about the latest acne treatment! And just think back to how boring your life was before you heard about granite tile counter tops!

I was going to post to tell her how much pleasure I got from hearing about the latest travel deals from Crash and Die airlines, but sadly, she has a strict comment moderation system in place.

I can't imagine why.

[Next Blog»].....

And would you believe it? The very next blog turns out to be...

This person has been  motivated to blog 168 times so far this year. I wonder if they'll break 200 posts for 2010? It's just a post a day, even if they spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day doing something less sad, like masturbating or collecting snot.

We're 2/3 of the way into November, and can be assured that our lives will be made richer if only we take a look at this person's prom dresses, Epsom printers, HTPC Keyboards, Medicare plans, Cellphones and.... Acne treatment again.  Truly there's no better time to have an unsightly skin condition!

Once again, this person is moderating their comments. I can imagine the flood of gratitude they must recieve, and can only assume it's modesty that prevents them from sharing the joy they've brought into other people's lives.

[Next Blog»].....

Meh. Some fat person's search for her innter, thinner self. Last updated 12 months ago. She either gave up or starved to death.

[Next Blog»].....

Ah. More commercial bollocks.

This one even has a bloglist. Bet they're a barrel of laughs. Starofgigi felt compelled to tell the world about her love of cigars, slimming body wraps, country pine beds and... Yes! Acne treatment!

She describes herself as "God fearing person Blessed with a loving and supportive husband. Contented with the life I am blessed with. Loving , compassionate, respectful, Good nature, humorous, witty and honorable!".

She too is far too compassionate and good natured to allow people  to express their pleasure unmoderated.

See a pattern emerging here?

One more.

[Next Blog»].....

Another dead blog. A contented Christian housewife, but she ain't selling anything. She would just like me to know that she's grateful to most of all, to "a God who loved me enough to give His Son so that I might know Him." Fair enough.

So, this started off as a lighthearted blog post on account of some linkwhore I found on pressing my [Next Blog»]..... link.

60% of the 5 sites I looked at were just arse-gravy. The other 40% were less offensive, but pretty mediocre.

It was supposed to be funny, but I found myself losing the will to live.

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