Tuesday, 30 November 2010

PC stuff

I won't bore you with the details, but I've been having more computer problems. So I've decided it's time to really roll my sleeves up, and sort it out.

Previously, when I've had problems with my C drive, I'd just lump everything over to my other, D, drive and do a clean install.

This, of course has led to a very messy D drive.

so, I've had to try to get hold of some DVD burning software, and now I'm copying all my important files into logically arranged folders ready to burn. Once that's done, I can just totally wipe both disks, and make a fresh start.

I want to make it a sort of dual boot thing. Install XP onto C, and some variant of Linux onto D.

Alternatively, I could partition the C drive and put both systems on there, keeping D as a data disk.

It's going to be a long job however I do it.


Jim Bliss said...

Dunno if you've started yet, but might I make a recommendation? Make two copies of every backup DVD. It costs a few extra pennies, but you'll be glad of it should one of the discs turn out to be a dud (which can still happen, though it's getting rarer).

You'll be right pissed off if you go to restore your data and discover a folder containing some of your favourite photos has mysteriously become unreadable.

Paul said...

I started hours ago! Most of the time was spent sorting out my files into some kind of logical structure.

I filled 15 DVDs with MP3s. Those tunes are also on my ipod, so I won't bother doing two copies of them. I can always restore them, even if the process isn't straightforward.

Time is a bigger issue than money. I've been plodding on with this for about 8 hours now. Still got a whole load of DVDs to burn. Then format the disks. Then install everything I need to. Then figure out how to make the thing talk to the outside world.

Still, the programs and pictures are probably worth backing up,

Thank you for the suggestion. They were cheapo DVD's.