Sunday, 31 October 2010

A bit messed up right now I suppose.

I recently did one of those online tests. Answer a few questions and get your score.

This particular test was "How autistic are you?". The average score is 15 for Women, and 17 for Men. Or was that 13 for Women and 15 for Men. Aspergers would be about 31. High functioning autism about 35.

I scored 27, which doesn't surprise me at all. I've never been particularly comfortable in social situations.  I tend to be obsessive about things - Like collecting the letters of the alphabet from photographs of the earth's surface for example! - And although I'm clever, I find it difficult to articulate my ideas.

So I'm happy to apply the label, "A bit autistic" to myself. That's not why this post is about being messed up.

I think I'm also rather depressed at the moment. Just generally got a bit of a black cloud over my thoughts. Nothing major. Just a constant dark filter that's affecting the way I think and feel.

The reasons for this, if there are any, are too complex to go into right now as it's very late and  I have to work in a few hours. But just thought I'd share, y'know.

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Anonymous said...

I got 26, which kind of surprised me, but then again it didn't. I'm not really interested in trhe usual blokey things like football,cars, beer & tits so I failed on all the social gathering Qs. I've got a mind like a sieve so I failed on all the multitasking Qs. I'm pretty sure all men score pretty highly anyway, it's always lads who play top trumps and read the guinness book of records.Can't help you on the depression front , I am a revoltingly chipper little twat 99% of the time, but I do know saying cheer up probably won't help, hope whatever is getting you down clears up sharpish

p.s do these verification words count in scrabble wtf is a bouchak