Tuesday, 7 September 2010

David Alvand's back garden

There's this bloke in Plymouth who keeps running against the grain.

He really wants to be left alone. So much so that he's prepared to build huge concrete walls around his home, and then, once the council have forced him to remove them, he endears himself to his neighbours by planting a shitload of leylandii round the front of his house.

He's made the national news, which presumably is the last thing he wants, given that he values his privacy so much.

Of course, with Google Earth, it's difficult to keep prying eyes at bay.

So here, for anyone that's interested, is David Alvand's house, as seen from above.

The image is dated April 2007, so the trees in the front will have grown a bit since this picture was taken. Apart from the rampant growth to the front of the property, it's not much to look at really, is it? Pretty much bog-standard semi detached with an untidy looking and fairly small back garden. Same as every other house round there.

Mr Alvand, did you do this just to make yourself seem more interesting?

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