Monday, 13 September 2010

Blunt Instrument

Somewhere along the line, I picked up something horrible on my PC. The reason that horrible something exists is so that some sad cretin somewhere can make a few bob from some other gullible moron somewhere else.

I'm fairly computer savvy. If bad things happen, I have enough of an understanding of things to know how to sort it all out. But not this time. Not completely.

I thought I'd got rid of the malware that suddenly started placing all kinds of alarming crap on my screen. But every so often, I'm getting unwanted strangeness. Browser windows taking me to unwanted places (and crashing my browser), svchost trying to change my registry, etc.

It's beyond my ability to sort out, so I'm copying anything important onto another drive, and doing a clean reinstall of windows onto my primary C drive.

Just a thought though.

I have to suffer a hundred pop ups every day without ever switching my computer on. Every time I pass a billboard.

All because some people give money to the people that are doing it.

I was going to rant more, but I have to reboot.

Not rebooted yet. Here's another one...

I haven't got a clue about Linux, except that it's an open source OS.

Also seems like a good time to try that out too.


Jim Bliss said...

I've picked up some nasty malware over the years -- including a particularly nasty one last month that took me a full day to sort out.

That said, I've never encountered a piece of malware for which a solution couldn't be found using a search-engine.

Paul said...

It's been a catalyst to sorting out my sytem. The thing was getting a bit bloated, so a clean install is no bad thing. Now it pops up with the restart/shut down/ log off options straight away instead of sitting there thinking about it for 5 minutes first. Not quite got the internet on it yet, as I can't find the install disk for my wlan dongle, but it's going to be a much nicer system to use once I've finished fettling it.crimpho

Paul said...

oops. i wondered where that capcha went :)