Saturday, 4 September 2010

Babies, allotments, barbecues, etc...


This is my neice, Cerys Eleanor. I think she is going to grow up with the ability to do rubik cubes.


Went to my dad's allottment today. It's not good. Overshadowed by trees. No on site water supply. Not a patch on ours. We got a big piece of ground covering material from him, and will be spreading it across some of our uncultivated space until we can do something with it.

The picture abovet shows what passes for soil. Couch grass ran amok, and we have to get all those roots out before anything will grow. Apart from couch grass of course.


The allottment society organised a barbecue for today. It was fun. They had a special cooker for vegetables and vegetarians, and the folk players kept us entertained with everything from Van Morrison to Captain Pugwash.

And it was a good bonding exercise. We now know a few of our neighbours a bit better.

And to top it all, a baby, at a barbecue, on an allottment!

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