Sunday, 11 July 2010

So where have I been?

Not posted for a few weeks, and I'm not even going to say I'm sorry.

Been to Wales with Dave, who was up for a few days. We got rat-arsed watching the world cup at an Anglesey campsite. Could have gone for something really bleak, but played it safe and went to a proper campsite. I got to drive Dave's car, a 1.8VTEC Honda Civic. And very nice it was too.

My own car is turning into a bag of crap. It smokes when you start it up. The aircon doesn't work properly. I feel like Hunter S Thompson after he trashed the cadillac, but the car has done over 70,000 miles now, and it does get treated badly.

What else? Well been failing to do things that really really need to be done.

And have been spending time doing things that don't need doing at all.

I applied to the DSA about becoming a driving examiner, but they're not taking anyone on at the moment. Given the current waiting lists, you'd think they'd be crying out for them, but no. they've kept my details on file. (Want to make the roads safer? Make everyone retake their test every 10 years. Just a thought. Might blog about it in more detail sometime.)

So I need to sort out re-registration as an ADI. I need to do my tax return. I need to decide what to do once the lease runs out on my current car in about 6 weeks, and I need to book some tests for people. All these things need to happen yesterday, and torn between them, I do none of them.

I did open my drawer in the living room today. The registration form should be in there. Perhaps tomorrow I will take it out of the drawer and put it on the sofa, or the mantlepiece.

Anything else? Well as a result of meeting Ray tonight, I've also re-established contact with another blast from the past. A guy called Steve Wood, who is now a nurse in Liverpool. Last time I saw him he was a sort of teddy boy.

The allottment continues to provide ever increasing amounts of tasty and nutricious food. Bren picked 5lbs of strawberries the other day, and made more jam than you could shake a shitty stick at. Also getting raspberries, redcurrants, various salad leaves, peas, potatoes, sweet peas, and tomatoes. We've hardly done any shopping for weeks.

Mind you, there's bugger all to eat, apart from jam, raspberries, redcurrants, various salad leaves, peas, potatoes, sweet peas, and tomatoes.

The shed got broken into last night. Since it wan't locked (no point when they are prepared to rip the roof off to get in) breaking in consisted of of moving a board and opening the door. The scumfucks that did it appear to have nicked one small hand tool. Silly buggers.

Also been arguing on the internet. This time about the role of the police. People seem to find it difficult to seperate the role from the person, so when they do bad things because of their role maintaining the status quo, it's taken as an attack on the very existence of any kind of police force. I found an excellent article about it by Merrick Godhaven right here.

And since this post is a series of disconnected things, I shall finish with a random image from google earth. Yes it's time to SPIN THE GLOBE!

It's a mountain in Mongolia! Where the kids all dress in black. The capital of Mongolia is Ulan Bator. The houses all seem to have little white rotundas in the gardens. Why???

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