Monday, 21 June 2010

A place for everything, and everything on the floor

I'm tidying my computer room, with the computer switched on.

It's taking quite a while.

The debris, ordered by volume, and possibly by weight seems to consist mainly of,
  • Books. - In all shapes and sizes, ranging from the small and squat, "The DUMPY Book of AIRCRAFT & THE AIR" to a block of ten paperbacks that I've not yet got around to taking out of its' cellophane.
  • Clothes. Jackets, trousers, socks. Especially socks.
  • Optical Media. - CD's, DVDs, games, cases and boxes.
  • Wires and cables. Computer to camera, computer to ipod, mains to adaotor, adaptor to PC,HiFi,Monitor,Fan Heater, Floor lamp, Effects unit, housephone baseset, PC to mouse. PC to monitor. PC to keyboard. PC to HiFi. HiFi to speakers. PC to headphones.
  • Paper. - Reciepts, invoices, scraps, envelopes, notepads, post-it notes.
  • Packaging. - Rizla packets, beer bottles, bottle caps, padded envelopes, boxes.
  • Pens, pencils, screwdrivers, paintbrushes. - Tools, I suppose.
  • Organic residues. - Dust, nail clippings, dead leaves, tobacco, crumbs and other foodstuffs.
Somehow all this stuff has to be put into racks, cupboards, bags, boxes, bins, hoover bags and washing baskets.

I suspect that posting banal blog posts may be procrastination.


Pete said...

What progression have you made? I would like to know.

Pete said...

That should be progress.

Paul said...

Some stuff progressed from the floor to my desk, and some stuff progressed from my desk to the floor. But there is now a clear path between my chair and the door.