Friday, 4 June 2010


Been teaching people how to drive for about 5 years now, and occasionally, still, things happen for the first time.

A few weeks ago, I had my first ever "walkback"

A walkback happens when a driving test is abandoned, and they can happen for a number of reasons. If the test candidate is a danger to the public, the examiner can terminate the test. Or the car could break down. In this case, my pupil was extremely nervous, and when she stalled at a roundabout, she was panicking too much to continue to drive.

In these cases, the car is left and locked. Pupil and examiner make their way back to the test centre on foot (or if it's a long way from the centre, the examiner will phone and get another examiner to pick them up. When they get back, the instructor has to make his or her own way back to the car to pick it up.

Like I said, it's only ever happened to me once.

Today though I had an altogether more pleasant first.

My pupil passed with no faults. Not one. Everything he did on the test was faultless.

I can take little credit for this. I only met this guy twice. Once a couple of months ago, where I did an assessment drive, and today, I took him out for a pre-test session. He'd passed his test once before, but lost his license for driving without insurance. So I had very little to do to get him through. Just a watching brief.

Still, nice all the same to have had one.

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