Friday, 28 May 2010

My blog list.

Do a lot of bloggers do this kind of post, at least once?

If so, here's mine. If not, well, here's a post explaining what's on my bloglist to the right of this post, and why I've included them.

The blogs are ordered according to when they were last updated. I could have ordered them alphabetically but it also helps me to keep up with what other people have to say.

Accordingly, right now, at the top of the list is Insert Pie Here

This is one of my other blogs. I also have a third, which was part of trying to raise my profile as a driving instructor when I was working for myself. Insert pie here was inspired by a picture on the BBC news website of a football fan (Burnley?) with his arms aloft and his mouth wide open. I just wanted to put a big pie in that hole, and the idea grew. Pies have been inserted into the mouths of musicians, politicians, sportsmen, supermodels. Actually, not supermodels. She didn't get one.

It will gradually fall to the bottom of the list because while I had fun with the idea, it was never going to run very far. So I have declared a moratorium on new posts, at least for now. I suppose at some point I may resurrect it, but I'm saying all I want to say here really.

It's quite pleasing on the eyes. This one looks quite dark and cluttered in comparison, and I might move some design elements over to here at some point.

Next is Bristling Badger

This is the blog of Merrick Godhaven, an environmental and social justice activist who's been an inspiration to me ever since I first encountered his writings over at Head Heritage. He's helped me mature enormously through both what he has to say, and the way he chooses to say it. And it's not all po-faced polemic either. Merrick is definitely a subscriber to Sex, Drugs, and Rock and roll. He knows his stuff, but there's a real human warmth and understanding in what he says too.

Chicken Yoghurt

is the blog of Brighton based writer, Justin McKeating. It's a useful source of information, and is updated frequently.

Tilly Dance

This is my wife's blog. She has two, both of which are listed here. This one is her alter ego. The person she wants to be. Someone with drive and energy. A high flier in the local art scene.

Arty Farty

This is the "real" Brenda. This blog also focuses on stuff outside of the photographic and artistic arena.

Richard Black's Earth Watch

This is a BBC blog, devoted to climate issues. A sensible and authoritive voice on the issues.

The Quiet Road

Mild mannered janitor by day. Jim Bliss turns into an expert on psychology and resource depletion, on which he writes, passionately and knowledgeably here. Jim is another person I met over at Head Heritage, and has probably done more to develop my awareness of the issues facing Humanity than anyone else. His blog archives are a rich mine of wisdom.

One author Jim turned me on to was...

Richard Heinberg

An international author and academic, what Richard doesn't know about Peak Oil could fit in a very small barrel. He offers a sobering analysis of our prospects in the face of declining supplies of... Well, everything, in a detailed, referenced but eminently clear and readable style.

George Monbiot

George needs little introduction. He's one of the most high profile writers in the ecology, environment and social justice areas.

Mark Lynas

Finally, Mark Lynas. Mark's blog postings are infrequent, but always thought provoking and backed up by years of research. He's written a book called 6 degrees which condenses thousands of articles and studies into how the world would be affected if global warming rose by each of the degrees from 1 to 6. Scary stuff. Yet he generally offers a less strident voice than George Monbiot.

So, that's my blog list.

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