Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Information overload.

'kin 'ell!

I'm watching a programme about sex on the telly, while playing a facebook game and reading an aricle about Chinese coal use. Now there are adverts on and I'm watching them too.

Now Bren's going to bed and has turned the telly off.

The sex program featured some light bondage, filmed in a lay-by. The adverts were that meercat thing for an insurance price comparison website, and an adult chatline.

The programme that followed the adverts was "The sexy bits from Eurotrash". It got switched off during the credits so I don't know what it contained.

The coal thing is an e-mail from an author called Richard Heinberg, who's specialised subjects are resource depletion, climate change, and social complexity. And the interactions therein. It's a periodical mailing list thing, available here if you're interested. I've struggled to the third or fourth paragraph, and it explains that while Chinese growth, both economic, and in consumption of coal, are spectacular, they are also unsustainable.

The facebook game is called bejewelled blitz, and involves sliding coloured blocks around to form shapes and sequences of the same colour, for points, against a time limit. It is intensely interactive, and demands almost my entire attention for a minute at a time.

The way this seems to work is as follows:

1. Play bejewelled blitz.
2. Pay some attention through sound and peripheral vision, to the sex program (and adverts) on the telly.
3. If a part of the telly programme catches my attention, watch the telly, and don't restart another game. If the telly programme isn't engaging me, restart and have another game.
4. If I've taken my attention away from the game by watching the telly, read a bit of the article for a few lines or a paragraph.
5. Restart game.

But that's all changed now. Now I'm writing this blog post because the telly is off. I've been writing pretty constantly for the last fifteen minutes or so. It's much easier to concentrate on one thing now that the telly is off. So rather than flit between game, blog and article, I am just typing the words you are now reading.

I'm now drinking my third bottle of beer. Tonight I went and bought three bottles of beer. But the last few times I have done this, I've woken up, stiff and uncomfortable, downstairs on the sofa or on the floor. So today I deliberately went for beer that was less strong. I mean, 4-5% abv instead of 5-7% abv.

Trouble is, there's reaction time to consider. Drink a drink. Drink another. You're still getting pissed from the first. Drink the third, and it's easy to overshoot where I want my head to be. So drink something nicer, but less head-wrecking. Easy, innit?

I've done 8 lessons today. Well, 7.5 actually. Today I have driven in or through, Wallasey, Birkenhead, Bebington, Neston, Port Sunlight, Rock Ferry, New Ferry, Thornton Hough, Barnston, Thingwall, Upton, Moreton, Greasby, Irby, Pensby, Heswall, Gayton, Pensby, Poulton, Seacome, Liscard, Poulton Lancellyn, Hooton, Willaston, Ness, Little Neston, Tranmere and Clatterbridge. And Leasowe. And New Brighton.

Also went to see my Mum and Dad. My Dad is responding well to treatment, or so it seems. We're promising ourselves a game of golf together some time. I think we're both hoping to consolidate our bridge-building and friendship.

'tis a good thing for sure.

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