Thursday, 15 April 2010

A couple of firsts...

The last few weeks has seen a few things happen for the first time, jobwise.

First of all, I had a pupil fail because of an accumulation of minor faults. Usually, people fail because they mess something up and get a serious fault. I've even had people get more than the maximum 15 faults, but they've also made some serious errors and would have failed even if they'd not got all the minors. But this particular guy did nothing seriously wrong. He just did too many little things wrong. First time in the 5 years I've been doing this!

The other first happened today. I had a test terminated. - What we call a "walkback"

A test can be terminated for several reasons. If the driver is an obvious danger to the public, the examiner can terminate the test. Or the test candidate themselves can terminate it if they, for example, are just having a totally torrid time of things, and it's obvious that they've failed.

In this case, my pupil was extremely nervous, as she has been throughout her training, and when she failed to deal with a roundabout properly, she just couldn't continue, and the exminer terminated the test. The examiners will not drive the car (they claim for insurance reasons) so both my pupil and the examiner turned up back at the test centre, on foot, and I had to go and find the car.

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Pete said...

Well, did you find the car then?