Monday, 1 March 2010

Thought I'd something more to say...

I haven't been able to log in to blogger for the last few days. Viewing my blog(s) has been tortuous. Getting in has been totally impossible. Connection time out every time.

I suppose I could have committed my thoughts to a text document, and then shoved them onto the blog when things sorted themselves out, but I never thought of it. One for the future I suppose.

So what's been on my mind?

I've been thinking about how fiction can contain real wisdom. that follows on from my Books post I suppose.

I saw an article about sky burial that got me thinkiong about how we deal with the shell that's left behind once consciousness has departed.

There's a breakdown of my blog list. What's on it, what will be on it, what used to be on it, and what will not be on it.

I've been thinking about doing a sort of Google Earth based biography of my Dad.

And there's a driving one, explaining how where and why one of my pupils failed his test.

The driving one's coming up next...

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