Friday, 5 March 2010

Back from the Doctor's...

Bathed and freshly clothed, I went to find out my fate.

The doctor had a feel around, and asked me questions about peeing and stuff.

My medical records now include a family history of prostate cancer, and I can go have a test for it any time I want.

The doctor doesn't think I have cancer. There were no lumps or bumps, and I'm told that such cancers are generally painless, but present a lump. So it could be an infection, or some kind of strain.

With no redness or heat, it's unlikely to be an infection, so the most likely thing is that I've strained or pulled a muscle somewhere.

Treatment? Ibuprofen. Prognosis? Should clear up in a week or so.

I'm partly relieved, but not completely. The sensation I've been feeling is something that is impossible to pin down to a precise place, so we could still have missed something important.

I'll be happier when and if this feeling goes away.

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