Sunday, 7 February 2010

Fog Blog

I was taking Bren to Birkenhead this afternoon, and it was a bit misty. As we got to Seacombe Ferry, we found that a bank of fog was lying over the Mersey, and the newly constructed hi rise towers of the Liverpool skyline were poking up above it. A rare and beautiful site!

We nearly always have a camera with us, but not this time. All we had was the built in camera on Bren's phone. We stopped and she took one quick shot, and couldn't even really compose the picture.

When I'd dropped her off, I collected my camera, and went back to the ferry terminal, but the fog had closed right in, and you couldn't see to the middle of the river, never mind the buildings on the opposite bank.

This has a beauty of it's own of course. Later on, I was teaching someone how to drive in the fog. The sun was going down over the Welsh hills, and there were some beautiful sights to see, but I couldn't take photographs because we were doing 50 miles an hour. I did stop at one point and take one down on New Brighton promenade.

Visibility was down to, what? 100 meters?

It got worse. Much worse. I'm actually lost at the moment. I'm typing this from my laptop with a mobile broadband connection. Somewhere in the distance, a dog is barking. Perhaps if anyone recognises where I am, they can post a message and let me know. Here's a picture.

None of the above photographic missed opportunities come as a surprise. This is nothing new for us.

Once upon a time, a few years ago, we were driving home along the prom, in thick November fog. There was a circus, and it's coloured lights loomed out of the mist. It would have made an amazing picture, but we never went back, and we've always regretted it.

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