Friday, 8 January 2010


Google reckoned it was -12°c a short while ago.

I went and took a walk down to the waterfront to see if hell had frozen over yet.

It hadn't, but everything was really still and clear.

The thick fluffy snow of two days ago has by-and-large compacted into solid ice. Treacherous, but actually a bit easier to drive uphill on, because the snow doesn't just get piled up in front of the wheels.

I haven't worked for two days. I'm supposed to have a pupil on test tomorrow, but it is more likely that hell really will freeze over. There was a fantastic satellite image of an almost cloud free Great Britain, almost toally white from Land's End to John O' Groats.

France Gets it too, but the Republic of Ireland stays green. Lucky buggers. I love the snow, but it's a pain in the arse too.

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Jim Bliss said...

France Gets it too, but the Republic of Ireland stays green.

Not here on the East coast! Dublin's been under a blanket of snow since New Year's Eve and it doesn't look like shifting for at least a week (according to Met Éireann). Not as deep a blanket as you folks in the UK have got, but enough to close schools and cause plenty of disruption.

Can't say I'm inconvenienced by it in any way though (one of the benefits of working from home). To tell the truth, I've really enjoyed my nightly walks this week. I love the crisp stillness that a covering of snow brings.