Monday, 18 January 2010


I did a lot of things in the few days I was away down south that I don't do up here. I smoked spliffs. I got drunk. I didn't smoke cigarettes, but that's about the only resolution I didn't break.

Then, I came home and stopped doing those things again, although I have to admit, I did feel a real urge to go and buy some tobacco.

So Aylesbury, like The Past, is another country. Making the trip down there takes about 5 hours (I could do it quicker, but I try to get there and back using one tank of fuel. This is just about possible, but only by driving in a very fuel efficient way, and not really going much above 50 miles per hour.)

It also costs me a full tank of fuel, which comes to about £40.

So here's the rules... If I'm here, I stay on the straight and narrow. If I want to break my resolutions, I can, but not easily.

Sounds like a plan.


Brenda Sharp said...

When I am here I am faithful, don't snort cocaine and don't go out on the town........................

Paul said...

Yeah, but what happens when you go to Waddow with your Mum?