Sunday, 31 January 2010

booking your theory test? beware of these guys...

Here's what their terms and conditions say...

"The 'Fee for booking your Theory Test' is the combined DSA / DVTA Theory Test Fee (Currently £31.00) and the administration fee of £20.00 (including VAT at current rate)."

So they're charging you over fifty quid to book a theory test.

If you book your tests (both theory and practical) from this page: it will cost you just the £31 fee.

But perhaps it's quicker? Or more straightforward?

No! It's not! Booking your theory test takes perhaps 10 minutes. It takes about the same amount of time to do it via this booking agent. So they're charging you £120/hour, at least, to do absolutely nothing, and to provide yo with a service that you can get for absolutely nothing via other channels.

Mug's game, innit.

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Gaynor said...

I wonder how many people have been mugged. They should do their homework and know all the facts before committing themselves. That's how these type of voyeurs become rich!