Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Mind the gap!

Here, according to politicalcompass.org is where the British parties stand on a social and economic spectrum...

And here's where I stand...

I don't support any party uncritically, but I suppose I will be quixotically voting Green at the next election, if I don't quixotically exercise my democratic right to tell them all to fuck off by spoiling my ballot paper. Certainly they seem to be the only ones that come close to my position.

Now, I've posted the test before, a couple of years ago, on a non-political forum, and many of the people that answered the questions that defined their positions found themselves placed as left wing and libertarian. Why not take the test yourself and see where you stand? Regardless of your political persuasions, please feel free to take the time to add a comment to this thread letting me know where you fit in and whether you thought the questions were fair.

So assuming the questions are not leading people in a certain direction, as one person suggested in response to my posting of this test, a couple of questions need to be asked.

1. Why do the mainstream political parties occupy the political space that they do, if they want the votes of people who hold a far more left wing and libertarian viewpoint?

2. Why do people who have a left wing and libertarian viewpoint keep voting for centre right parties?

I suppose the second question answers the first.

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LSWoP said...

Not with our mus and spoons you don't. I wish I had never commented upon the phenomena.
(Long Suffering Wife of Paul)