Sunday, 13 December 2009


I can juggle. A bit. Three thuds standard. When I used to practice it, I could just about do 4 balls - two in eachhand. The way I learned was to use two balls in my strongest hand (my left) and once I'd got my head around looking at the apex of the ball's trajectory rather than at my hands, and understood that the act of juggling really consists of throwing and catching in the same movement, I was able to learn with two balls in my right hand. After that, juggling three balls in two hands was easy. The hand to ball ratio is just 1.5. That's 25% less than the hand to ball ratio of two balls in one hand.

There's transferrable skills in there somewhere, should you ever wish to become a driving instructor. Many people when trying to learn how to steer, try to do it by looking at the steering wheel. Unless you know where the car is going as a result of your hand movements, you have no context to what you're doing.

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