Monday, 15 June 2009


Not sure if this will still be available, as wikipedia reckon it will only be up on youtube until 14th June but I can hardly have a blog about the whole damn world without posting about how we're changing the face of it.

(Edit: It's still available late on the 15th by the way. just click on the pic to watch)

It's familiar stuff to me, bringing together facts and concepts I've read elsewhere in the books of Jared Diamond, Mark Lynas, George Monbiot and others. Beautifully photographed, although the style jarred a bit at first.


Jim Bliss said...

It's beautifully shot alright, which is why I decided not to watch it online and wait until I got a chance to see it in uncompressed form.

Possibly with the sound turned down and some Philip Glass playing instead -- when I watched the first 10 minutes I started to get quite irritated by the narration I'm afraid.

Casual inaccuracies pepper the script in an attempt to produce some sort of poetry or drama. For instance: "At the beginning, our planet was no more than a chaos of fire..."

Er, no it wasn't. There might have been a lot of molten rock and what have you, but "fire" as we know it requires oxygen and the script goes on to explain how there wasn't any oxygen for millennia.

That's the kind of thing that winds me up. Pedant that I am.

The visuals though are spectacular and make the project more than worthwhile in themselves.

Paul said...

I personally found the beginning annoying. The corporate sponsorship riles me, and yeah the commentary, (by Glenn Close) took a bit of getting used to.

I do like the way that this is eye candy, rather than a bludgeon being used to hammer home a message, and I can give it a bit of leeway because of that.